S1E4 - A Shit Show

Athena won’t go down without a fight.

1 year ago

Someone Dies In This Elevator 004 - A Shit Show

Athena won’t go down without a fight.

Rating: R.

This episode contains a jump scare at 5:34, emotional manipulation, the destructive power of nature (rain, hail, and thunder), relationship infidelity, and death in an elevator.

Someone Dies In This Elevator is a spoiler-driven anthology podcast. Please visit our Website for transcripts and mono-mixes for this episode.

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The trailer in this episode is for Null/Void, a science fiction audio drama about a young woman, Piper Lee, whose life is saved by a mysterious voice named Adelaide. After uncovering a malicious plot, Piper and her friends must defend their small town from a family of ruthless billionaires who wish to exploit and destroy it. Piper must fight to save her home and discover the true identity of Adelaide.


Wes Haas (he/they) as Ralie.
Elissa Park (they/she) as Athena.

Written and Directed by Cole Burkhardt (he/him).
Script Editing by Jesse Schuschu (he/they).
Dialogue Editing, Sound Design, and Mastering by Cole Burkhardt.
Music by Anthony Carlos Fuller II (he/him).
Executive Produced by Colin J Kelly (he/him) and Tal Minear (they/them).
Artwork by Tal Minear (they/them).
Marketing by Ali Fuller (they/them).

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