S1E11 - Hot Wheels

What happens when you can’t take the stairs?

2 years ago

Someone Dies In This Elevator 011 - Hot Wheels

In Hot Wheels, what happens when you can’t take the stairs?

Rating: R.
This episode contains structural ableism, claustrophobia, smoke inhalation, cleithrophobia, fire, and death in an elevator.

Someone Dies In This Elevator is a spoiler-driven anthology podcast. Please visit our Website for transcripts and mono-mixes for this episode.

Alice Wong won Best Supporting Performance for this episode in the 2021 New Jersey Web Fest!

The trailer in this episode is for What Will Be Here?, a sci-fi audio drama about living on a doomed earth (and building things anyway).

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Rue Dickey (he/they) as Shannon.
Alice Wong (she/her) as Waverly.
Becca Marcus (she/her) as Sandy.

Written and Directed by Erin Kyan (he/him).
Script Editing by Jesse Schuschu (he/they).
Dialogue Editing by Erin Kyan.
Sound Design and Mastering by Tal Minear (they/them).
Music by Trace Callahan (they/she).
Executive Produced by Colin J Kelly (he/him) and Tal Minear (they/them).
Artwork by Tal Minear (they/them).
Marketing by Ali Fuller (they/them).

Someone Dies In This Elevator is their Collective Work under Sound Escape Productions, a profit-sharing podcast collective. Please support Audio Fiction Creators so they can continue making content and telling stories.